A horrible hack

Flatlands - Sunshine Republic


Year Released: 2006
Format: LP
Label: SuperFi
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Nov 5, 2006
Flatlands play grunting, drawn-out sludge thatís typically morose and oppressive. Urgghhhhh. They drag two tracks across their side of this slab of grey vinyl and thereís very little joy to be had in their murky domain. Sure, there might be the brief twittering of birds on that second song, but itís not long before things sink once more into subterranean realms of sorrow and gloom. Like I said, Urgghhhhh. Sunshine Republic are the surprise boon here. Their cruddy name made me expect some kind of wonky European emo, whereas they are, in fact, more in line with Asva or the kind of stark landscape Earth painted with their Hex album. They play one long, slow-motion instrumental with lagging drums and a feeling of eerie, malevolent emptiness about it, gradually dissolving into a series of groans, drones and hissing white noise as the needle drags its weary way across to the finish line.

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