A horrible hack

Navel - Skimmer

England Tour Split

Year Released: 1998
Format: 7"
Label: Crackle Records - Snuffy Smile
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Wowee, Navel absolutely have this pop punk thing down to a fine art. Speedy, oozing tune and catchiness, their first song on here "Closed Man" is a stormer. Everything you could ask from a rocking pop punk effort is contained on this one song. The vocals are spot on, the guitars are driving and it's got such an upbeat feel to it, you can't help but smile. They follow it up with "Forever Seventeen" which is a cover of a band called the Sect. You tell me. It's slower than the main song, but is still a neat slice of pop punk. Navel make me think Snuff, but that might just be down to the vocal style. Anyway, they are from Japan and they rule. Need to hear more.

Skimmer have 2 albums out on Crackle, but I haven't got round to buying either of them yet. I saw one of them cheap in a shop the other week, but it's gone. They also do the pop punk thing. Two fast songs, "Down To Earth" and "Summer Girl". And hey, they also rock! Squeaky vocals, powerful guitars and they sweep you a long on a tide of bouncy grooviness. "Summer Girl" has an unfeasibly catchy sing-a-long chorus. Yum. Best get on to getting an album.

The kind of single which you wish would turn itself over and put itself on repeat for an hour. Joyous.

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