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Science of Yabra

Check The Sound

Year Released: 2003
Format: CD
Label: Frenetic Records
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Probably me and 3 other dudes bought the CD by a band called a Great Divide. Well, if you are one of those 3 other dudes, Science of Yabra is 2 members of that band (and another guy), rocking out in a similarily killer fashion. This CD flashes through it's 8 tracks in just 20 minutes, packing a whole lot of complexity into that mere third of an hour. They play a fairly arty brand of hardcore that straight away brings to my mind latter day Drive Like Jehu (except with much shorter songs), as the band busts out the jams. Some moments remind me of emo bands like Sleepytime Trio or Shotmaker too, which is nice. The yelled vocals are almost lost under the cascade of squealing guitars, and the drumkit was no doubt as a smoking ruin after this CD was finished recording. The riffs are mathematical but you barely get a chance to focus on them as they fly past at an alarming rate. Occasionally you can make out some melodic parts but you probably won't get the opportunity for the most part, though you will come to appreciate the breaks between tracks.

This album will leave you breathless, so a relentless 20 minutes is just about right or it'd out and out baffle you. Quality.

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