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La Quiete - the Apoplexy Twist Orchestra


Year Released: 2003
Format: 7"
Label: Heroine Records
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Both these bands seem to have a lot of stuff out lately, so perhaps that's why they ended up being on the same record. La Quiete is an Italian screamo band that seem to be attracting a bit of attention from nerdy emo kids who live on the internet like myself. This is because they are any good. They sound like a mix of mid 90's emo such as Portraits of Past and more modern chaotic stuff like Orchid, which leads me to the natural conclusion: they are very much like Funeral Diner. It's a mixup of awesome melodic riffage and pounding drumming, harsh screamy vocals and faster, more erratic parts. They dish up three songs and do a really good job throughout. Keep an eye out for their other records and a split with the rather neato Catena Collapse which is due out some time this year.

Apoplexy Twist Orchestra have kind of never really impressed me too much, I think the are OK, but they strike me as part of that whole German obsession with 1999 emo violence (Usurp, Orchid, Reversal, Jeromes Dream etc...). They are not helped here by a strange recording which is extremely muddy. Apart from that, this sounds like something off Chaos Is Me without the whole "MAN ALIVE" factor which that record has when you first hear it. Passable.

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