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Blame Game - Zann


Year Released: 2003
Format: LP
Label: Adagio830
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Thank fuckery. A real record. Music that makes me do silly things whilst sitting in a chair. Sure, Blame Game is just a bunch of kids playing their instruments stupidly fast and erratically, yelling a lot and quite possibly falling over in a vaguely spazzy fashion, but it is where I feel at home. Listening to goofy mid 90's Gravity style hardcore to me is like plumping up a favourite cushion and settling down with a warm mug of cocoa. Word. Blame Game splatter their innards at random all over 8 tracks of quirky mess here. Jazzy rhythms and yelped vocals invoke the spirit of a certain period in the Gravity back catalogue without me being able to say in a snooty voice "Well, it sounds a little like Second Storey Window with a smidgeon of John Henry West", because it doesn't. The obtuse and jazzy nature of the guitar actually recalls Off Minor but with a little Fat Day thrown in for good measure from time to time. The vocals are cracked out with a vague flavour of insanity, and this really helps with the unsettling atmosphere that Blame Game conjures up. Interesting! And good. Hurrah!

Zann are also on here, and they play music which I am entirely less familiar with, but actually do enjoy. They are a monsterously heavy German metal band, who may or may not be comparable to bands with names such as Acme or Aclys, but my meagre knowledge of this style suggests they might be. Angry vocals and metal guitar shenanigans all around. Zann riffs and they ROARS to. One song has an emo part which I am more au fait with. I think if you are a fan of crazy German metal then this lot will slay you with their +6 broadsword. Even if you are not, they could well rock you to bits anyway.

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