A horrible hack

Small Enclosed Area


Year Released: 2002
Format: CD
Label: Hackpen
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
I am taking a break from drinking beer and chilling out to the sounds of Eu to review some of the CDs that have built up in a massive pile. This massive pile was going to be dispatched to erstwhile reviewer Guy of Gisbourne, but I thought I'd save him some of of the pain of plouging through what will likely turn out to be a pretty dire selection of records (I haven't listened to any of them until now though) and have some fun into the bargain.

Ok, so this is Small Enclosed Area. They are just emo as fuck! The first song starts out making me think of Sense Field, but more indie shite than Sense Field (there is a really nice bit on the third song though when they rock out but it finishes dead quick). It's all well produced and tuneful but it's so irritatingly over-produced. These guys have their shit down but this sounds like 6 years old but not in a way I appreciate you know? It has tasteful riffs and slow parts that accelerate. All very post-grunge and I guess they are contemporaries of One Hundred Reasons. I don't hate it but it's too fucking slick for me, they play their instruments properly and don't fuck up at all. The guy sings like he has been practicing, and I don't know, it's just boring? I think if you didn't listen to music that sounded like it was made by 5 year olds banging pots and pans together and preferred a bunch of guys who play headlining shows to 100 people at your local indie-toilet then you would appreciate Small Enclosed Area. I would have liked this if I still listened to the Wildhearts, but I don't, so it's just like piss off a tramps shoe to me. I guess you will like this if you don't have a record player or like a safer (!) version of Sense Field. If you are in / connected to this band and reading this, sorry, your record was sent to the wrong zine, try Kerrang. I am sure you are nice guys because you make nice sounding music, so if you need a quote for a press release, feel free to use this one which I have just made up: "crunchy and melodic emocore, top quality for those that love and remember bands such as Sense Field and Far".

Oh, they do get extra points if they named the CD (which comes in an annoying slim case) after Quest for Quintana Roo. Likely.

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