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Vanilla Pod - Scuttle


Year Released: 1999
Format: 7"
Label: Mother Stoat
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Scuttle are definitely a band to keep your ear out for, based on the excellent demo tape they've put out. Dealing in melodic hardcore influenced rock, they really are adept at blasting out very rocking tunes, kinda in the Samiam / Gameface vein. Alas, I think this track here ("Jonah") doesn't hit me anywhere as hard as the other 4 songs from that tape, which is a shame because I'm sure they really will go on to be extremely great indeed. The ending of this song is awesome though, with emphatic and powerful vocals. It's pure rock really, if you like rock you'll like this song. Oh, and Russ & Ian crop up on the thanks list. Hee!

Vanilla Pod hand over live fave "Pooh Bear" to this split record. Rarely fails to get us all dancing, especially if we've consumed beers. On vinyl it's pretty typical melodic punk rock with fast drum beats and strained vocals. Nicely catchy and energetic, without stunning you senseless. Ver Pod are a fine band, but I've seen them live 95 times and maybe I'm just immune to it now.

Solid split, watch out for Scuttle if you aren't already.

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