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The Sebadoh

Year Released: 1999
Format: CD
Label: Sub Pop
Reviewed by Mark Skold on Jun 13, 2007
Sebadoh have been around for ages. They were part of the grunge thing in the early 90s, but nobody from Geffen or MTV picked them up. I think they're the only grunge band from Seattle left... Anyway, they're still signed to Sub Pop records and drinking coffee in Seattle.

Chris Gissing did a review of their single from this disc "Flame" a few months ago. He didn't think too much of it - I disagree. It's not the most rocking or melodic song I've ever heard, but it's cool, and has cool guitars and cool vocals on it. The rest of the album sticks with this pattern pretty well.

Alternative, Seattle punk, grunge, whatever you call it, Sebadoh have a sound rivaled by very few. Lots of bands like Shudder To Think and The Jesus Lizard put out stuff that sounds incoherant and noisy, but Sebadoh are the only on I've seen (except for Shudder to Think's Pony Express album) that can really pull it off well.

On the outside, the songs sound like lots of feedback and goofy, off-kilter drum beats, but once you listen to it, they are very deep and well structured. Very little pop influence, but pretty much every tune on the album has something to offer.

If you want a change from the punk, emo, ska stuff that Collective usually reviews, "The Sebadoh" is my pick. Something different. Something cool.

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