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Storm the Tower


Year Released: 2003
Format: 7"
Label: Little Deputy
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Wow, this record is a blast - how comes I had never heard of these guys before? Storm the Tower tear through 4 tracks of fast, intelligent hardcore that sounds like it has also been influenced a bit by the more hectic emo bands from days of yore. The first track, "Song For F.M." gets things going with speeding, distorted guitars and blurred, angry vocals. It sets the intense tone for the record - things are barely controlled and allowed to sprawl out in a manic fashion. Following it is "Gods of War" which has snarled vocals and a straight-forward approach for the most part, but it works in these lightning fast melodic lines that drive their way through the music (harks back to Mohinder, Assfactor...). Fantastic. I think the band they most remind me of is New Granada, who had a couple of overlooked 7" out on Council and Lengua Armada.

Flip this disc for two more tracks that feel more complex. The melodic guitar sound actually reminds me of the first Party of Helicopters lp, which is a bit odd. The way it just flies along relentlessly, it practically leaves me out of breath. The final track, "Plan Zero" finishes things off wildly. Hot damn.

This stuff has just so much energy and passion, it knocks the socks of pretty much all of the hardcore I have heard in ages. Great record, the kind that makes me remember why hardcore can be amazing.

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