A horrible hack

Spy versus Spy

Little Lights

Year Released: 2000
Format: LP
Label: Subjugation
Reviewed by Dan Baker on Jun 13, 2007
i always know when i've just got a great record. afterabout two listens you can go out for a walk on yourown, or go for a drive in your car or the bus orwhatever, and the songs from the record start playingthemselves in your head. the tape deck and radio in mycar is broken, as my mum's joe cocker tape is stuck init, so either i listen to joe cocker on repeat ornothing and just let songs appear inside me and playto the insides of my ear drums. believe me, thisworks.

the other day, after listening to it about four times,i tried to do this with the spy versus spy record. iwas on a drive across london and was bored withtraffic. i realised that i could only remember threeof the songs. i didn't get it. i remember enjoying therecord a lot, but the songs didnt seem thatmemorable. why?

the answer is quite simple. the songs are a lot lotlonger, but they don't seem to bring an impact withthem. they all seem to blend into each other, and theyare a lot slower than the songs on their firstrelease.

strangely i really like each song on its own,especially the bouncy 'red cars go faster', a song i'veheard them play live a few times, and the pretty'kittyhawk', but as an album i got bored. theproduction is great, it's a lot fuller than theirfirst release, and everything sounds fine in general.i just don't seem as impressed as i'd hoped, and i haveno idea why.

don't get me wrong, this is a good record, it's justnot as good as i expected. it's better than joe cockerthough.

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