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The Stereo

Three Hundred

Year Released: 1999
Format: CD
Label: Fueled by Ramen
Reviewed by Mark Skold on Jun 13, 2007
The Stereo were promoted as a musical project from the combined efforts of Jamie and Rory, former lead guys of Animal Chin and The Impossibles. In an effort to avoid pretension and confusion, they opted to call what they were doing "rock". And it is too.

Jamie does most of the work, providing cameo roles on drums and bass, as well as his usual singing and guitaring. Rory does guitaring, and some lead singing on a few songs - you know that 2 lead singers in a band thing is pretty hip these days... Plus it adds that little extra diversity to what you're listening to, making it both exciting and interesting. Yes.

The Stereo is a departure from your usual underground Fueled By Ramen type of band. There's similarities, but the overall style is very simple. No punk drum beats, no ska guitar verses, just straight ahead catchy rock songs. Some of the tunes sound alot like Weezer, but it sounds GOOD. Mainly because it's not Weezer. There's a few slower piano songs, and some funky jumparoundlikeamadfucker songs, contributing even more to the diversity. Yes.

Solid, rock music. Pop driven guitar fills, variety in the tunes and the instantly noticable and original sound of Jamie's vocals (go buy Animal Chin's latest. Now.). Tunes like "You've Got Some Nerve" and "Count Me Out" will penetrate and lodge into your brain like a bullet, while the lovely piano tunes like "Please Try to Understand" will chill you out and make you smile.

Unfortunately, not every song on this one is a real keeper. There's some killer ones, but a few that will trigger that muscle in your finger that makes you hit the next track button. The simple originality of the songs that are worth listening to make up for it though. A worthy addition to any respectable CD collection.

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