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Sunday's Best

Where You Are Now

Year Released: 2000
Format: CD
Label: Crank
Reviewed by Dan Baker on Jun 13, 2007
I intended to review this in November but I forgot completely which is a shame for the Sunday's Best lads as my opinion of them has changed since i first listened to it. I blame the millenium bug personally, its got to be blamed for something. Now we are in the year 2000 I think its about time we heard some original music in this scene. There, I said it. It's difficult though because this whole emo thing is growing so fast and there are people who are only recently getting into bands like Sunny Day Real Estate and Christie Front Drive (which they should, they are amazing bands) and then they are forming these new bands that sound just like them (Appleseed Cast, anyone?).

One relatively new band on the scene are Sunday's Best. Their first ep sounded suspiciously like a few songs on the Diary record, but it was a good 7". Now on Crank, they've gone more poppier, the vocals less whiney and they have become Christie Front Drive, just bit slower and softer, and not as good. So four years after the CFD 'stereo' record comes out, we have a poorer imitation. doh!

Though I should just give Sunday's Best a U grade for plagarism and expel them from the university of indie rock, I still actually like the songs on the record. They are powerful emotional songs with good singing, and i always wanted Christie Front Drive to release more records anyway. So I guess that makes me just a hypocrite. I'll get me coat.

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