A horrible hack

Sweep the Leg Johnny

Sto Cazzo

Year Released: 2000
Format: CD
Label: Southern
Reviewed by Pete Burn on Jun 13, 2007
Sto Cazzo translates as “I’m A Fuck / Holy Dick” … just in case you wanted to know. Sweep have certainly developed their sound which may have had something to do with the addition of bass player John Brady (Swing Kids), and his rumbling ass shakin’ bass line. The depth of the rhythm section brings to mind a band like Clikitat Ikatowi who incidentally shared the same artwork on “River of Souls” as Sweep’s last record. I was kind of expecting “Sto Cazzo” to represent the intensity and edge of their live performance, but the production job gives the songs more atmosphere in that new wave style which is popular with the Yanks. There is a reworking of the songs form their Postmarked Stamps 7”, which is infinitely superior with improved dynamics and recording. Side Two of the record is more relaxed, with more restrained instrumental sections and vocals. Lyrically the songs are pretty vague with vocalist Steven Sostak spending more time on his amazing Alto sax playing, giving a free jazz mood to the overall tight music structure. This record will have an appeal to people who like the whole Chicago post-hardcore scene (I refuse to use the term math-rock!!!) but don’t expect it to capture the same elements as their recent live shows.

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