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Saturday Looks Good to Me


Year Released: 2003
Format: CD
Label: Polyvinyl
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
The Saturday Looks Good to Me “All Your Summer Songs” LP is one of my favourite albums of the two-thou-and-three, so I was always going to be smiley to pick up a new release. This 3 tracker is part of a new Polyvinyl EP series (remember the last one with that excellent first American Football release?), and it has 3 brand new songs on it, all fronted with Fred Thomas’ distinct vocals. Musically it is very very upbeat, SLGTM tend to veer from one extreme to the other on their releases, but this time out it is 3 songs of delightfully poppy stuff with the typical 1960’s sound, from the production on the vocals to the use of a huge amount of different instruments (tambourine, saxophone, organ, bells, harmonica… hand claps!). Each track is short and fun and makes me want to dance around the room in a pathetically un-coordinated fashion. I think the last song, “Girl of Mine”, is my favourite, what with it’s bouncy saxophone, Fred belting out the vocals with gusto, lots of fun percussion – it all comes together to form a stupidly fun and brilliant piece of pop music.

This EP clocks in at under 7 minutes, but it is so enjoyable that you’ll merely hit play and make it go round again. Ace!

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