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Science of Yabra - Other Men My Age


Year Released: 2003
Format: 7"
Label: Fuckhead Union
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Science of Yabra put out a highly rocking LP earlier this year, and this split 7” sees them on similar destructive form. They take an approach which sees them play two songs of off-kilter punk rock, drawing on a sound harkening to that of Drive Like Jehu - distorted, yelled vocals and fast and driving instrumentation. Everything teeters on the brink of collapse, but they manage to control the chaos quite adeptly throughout. This is good stuff but if you haven’t heard the band then I think you’ll appreciate the full on blast of Science of Yabra better through the relentless assault that is their LP, where you get to appreciate just how manic they are for 20 minutes in a row. You’ll be having an asthma attack once it’s over. Either way, this 7” material is blistering, and something you’d do well to track down.

Other Men My Age recently released a CDEP which I acquired but neglected to listen to properly. On the basis of their two songs on this record I will be digging it out for sure. They are connected to bands such as Harriet the Spy and Armstrongs Secret Nine, and definitely retain elements of the former of those two bands, especially in the nature of the lyrics. They also have a similar, quirky approach to the guitars, as well as mixing in some other sounds that I am less familiar with, perhaps a little Joy Division or stuff like Wire. I don’t really know this sort of thing that well I guess. What I do know is that this is really good, working repetitious rhythms and kind of almost bored sounding vocals to great effect.

Two pretty different bands doing things in different ways, but achieving the same result, i.e. being any good.

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