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Mistress - Sally


Year Released: 2002
Format: 7"
Label: Bearos - Speedowax - Thrash Atakk
Reviewed by Kunal Nandi on Jun 13, 2007
All hail the return of Speedowax Records! The former bastion of all things poppy and punky has taken to exploring other musical avenues and come up trumps with this slab of pure metal. Or vinyl rather. Plus it's a local effort - West Midlands represent!

Mistress vomit up "DVDA", an especially frantic blast of extreme distortion and piercing shrieking nabbed from their debut album on Rage Of Achilles, renowned for getting five K's in Kerrang! Make of that what you will. For once, the Eyehategod references aren't totally unwarranted (although this would be EHG in their rarer, faster moments) and it's mixed in with an almost industrial precision. Laugh-a-freaking-minute.

Sally definitely err more towards the stoner end of the spectrum, with fat, fuzzed-out guitars, turgid rhythms and a singer who actually sings, but in a really cool strained manner. Their album's coming out on Rise Above, which is a totally apt label for this kind of thing. Epic and doom-laden stuff but tuneful all the same. Damn fine.

So there you have it - two exceedingly loud, but still pretty different-sounding bands providing a couple of corking tunes. Can't go wrong with that. Finally a word about the vinyl itself: this is a one-sided record, with half-and-half black/white coloured vinyl that looks cool spinning around at 33 rpm. Sweet.

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