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Funeral Diner - Zann


Year Released: 2002
Format: CD
Label: Vendetta
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
These folks have been touring around Europe together, though I only had the pleasure of seeing the Diner because Zann had buggered off to Holland by then. This split gives people a memento (awww) of the show they saw between the two bands I suppose. For me, it gives me a fucking great FD song and some stuff by a band called Zann.

The Funeral Diner song on here is absolutely immense. The live show was pretty rocking too. Intense, that's a good word to describe the Diner. The song on this 7" ("Lie In Headlights") is a barnstormer, and one of the first to feature new singer Seth (once of Walken), his vocals are a little more at the forefront than the previous singer, giving things a little more edge but it's still harsh and jagged. The music bounds from brooding and dark into acceleration and force at the drop of hat, it's turn on a sixpence stuff, these guys have the moves and they aren't afraid to bring them. TOTAL EMO FUCKIN' CHAOS. I love this nonsense, it's like a hankie that was sneezed on by Japanese maestro's Envy, which is then thrown into a top-hat marked Yaphet Kotto, and then out pops the Funeral Diner bunny. Hit me in the stomach, kiss me on the cheek. Funeral Diner rock it here, this is emo jams to the max. Mwah.

Zann is a bunch of German dudes making a loud noise. German metal in the house. Heavy as you like. If you like that bastard German metal stuff you will probably dig Zann too. A wall of sonic the hedgehog. They even bring the mosh in a killer slow part, as well as throwing in squealing Honeywellised feedback and bowel movements aplenty. A pair of songs for Europe. Not as bad as I feared, in fact, it's pretty fucking great.

Banana split. Well tasty. Muchos cream. Yum yum.

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