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Sometimes Walking, Sometimes Running - Insurgent


Year Released: 2002
Format: 7"
Label: Traffic Violation
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Ok, so I picked this up based on the description of Sometimes Walking, Sometimes Running, so let's skip to the end - and review Insurgent. They are the lesser of 2 good bands on here, sounding like scruffy punk. A messup between Crimpshine (yes, I own a Crimpshine record, would you believe it!) and Hot Water Music. Blah blah dual vocal punk rock and it's very dirty and badly recorded. It has a catchy rhythm and is not bad at all. Actually, the more I hear it the more I enjoy it. They talk about not being Dead Inside. I can share that emotion. Oh wait, I think they are not singing about the band Dead Inside. So. This is good!

Sometimes Walking, Sometimes Running have a stupidly long name, but they play awesome emo. Two tracks here. Both have deadly emo moments. Slow, dark, Indian Summer. Emo as bastards. Wait for the explosion. Fall down. Talk over the mooooooooody bit. Be emo. Scream from nowhere. First song explodes into spazz attack where they all die and go crazy. tear at your t-shirt, mother farker! Shotmaker meets Indian Summer overall, my god this band is amazing!

There is also a photocopied emo booklet that I haven't read yet. Sorry that I suck.

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