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Sharp Knife - Queer Wülf


Year Released: 2004
Format: LP
Label: risk
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Sometimes I wish I had more punk rock records, and sometimes I don’t. When I listen to this one, I wish I had more! When I listen to shitty ones, I understand why I don’t. This is a split between two bands from San Fran and Chattanooga. Sharp Knife is the former. They have 6 songs at 45rpm, they play punk rock quite fast with two guys shrieking the vocals. This means that to my ears they sound like some of the simpler Assfactor 4 stuff or early Books Lie. And I am always happy to hear anything that is in the vein of A4. The guitars are played fast and frantically but in a fairly straightforward melodic hardcore punk fashion, whilst one main singer guy does either desperate singing or yelling with a backup chap doing yelling too. They are rowdy. They have song titles like “Making Name Dropping An Olympic Sport”, and “the Best Jokes Are Always on Bathroom Walls” which is my favourite track. Fast and charged. One track has ukulele on it. Punk. Overall – good shit.

Queer Wülf have an umlaut in their name that I keep on having to insert if I type their name so I might not bother typing their name any more. Anyways, they play 7 songs at 45rpm, so they also play fast and ragged melodic hardcore / punk which is kind of ramshackle and varied. They intersperse guitar solos amidst their rough vocals and melodies. They have fun riffage and catchy basslines, sometimes it’s kind of like if Dillinger 4 fell apart or something, with a bit of Crimpshine thrown in. Damn, this is really cool. I was going to say it also had a bit of a Gainesville sound, then I read it was recorded by Rob McGregor. They sing about things like how working for the sole purpose of earning money is shit, how cops suck and how they are going to get wasted. Punk.

This whole record gives off that essential DIY punk smell. Screened covers, black and white photos of the bands, handwritten lyrics… it’s all here. Bonus. Good music and a good vibe for the whole release, can’t say fairer than that.

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