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Tokyo Adventures

One Kiss For Luck

Year Released: 2002
Format: CD
Label: Boss Tuneage - Keith
Reviewed by Simon Graver on Jun 13, 2007
A few months back, November/December 2001 I think it was, Boss Tuneage sent out a CD sampler with their mail-order catalogue featuring a number of tracks from current and forthcoming releases. TOKYO ADVENTURES contributed a rough mix version of the track 'Slow Motion', one of the more rocking and catchy tunes on display, but to my ears this track suffered from production ill-suited to the style of music that the band were playing. Unfortunately things haven't improved much. Overall, the production still seems misjudged, more suited for a melodic hardcore band than the WEEZER style power-pop-punk that the band seem to be aiming for. There are the odd few occasions, such as the chorus to the power-ballad 'Pause for Thought', where things come together nicely. But I can't help thinking "Ryan Greene" and his production of NERF HERDER and RIDEL HIGH (RIP), bands who write (wrote) great pop songs, but you can't transfer melodic hardcore production values onto power-pop bands, it just doesn't work. I think those bands have suffered badly in the hands of Ryan Greene and TOKYO ADVENTURES have suffered from a similar problem. Furthermore the drum track is at times badly played, almost out of time with the rest of the band, and given the limited range and variety of the drumming on display here, the songs fall someway short of what they deserve, because there are some well crafted rocking and catchy pop songs just begging to be heard, the opening track 'This is how we want the weekend to sound' is probably the best illustration of this, but I just can't shake the feeling that, in the right hands, this could have been something quite special.

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