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Sutek Conspiracy - Amputee Set


Year Released: 2002
Format: 7"
Label: Interference
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Jun 13, 2007
The Sutek Conspiracy have always struck me of what may have happened if At The Gates were an emo band. Like maybe they listened to Current or Chino Horde instead of Slayer and Iron Maiden. Maybe. Like a sloppier, less technical version of Suicide Nation perhaps, if that band was more about just having a go than scalpel-sharp precision. Vocals are a harsh shriek over guitars that are definitely heavily metal influenced, but not sounding Metal as such. Kind of hard to explain, so I'll go back to my original thesis: an unrehearsed At The Gates playing through Current's amplifiers and guitars, so you have the metal riffs and the like, but without the bite and overdrive. Then the lyrics take an emotional approach to tried and tested hardcore themes, like Christianity being evil and America perhaps not being the greatest nation where morals and ethics are concerned. Good good.

Amputee Set I've not heard of before or since this release. So there I am, in the dark. They play a nice enough indie type song with these strained yelpy vocals over the top of a nice tight guitar riff, straying into melodic territory now and then, veering between half-speaking and an almost-scream and into a raging wig-out at the song's climax.. Very stop and start, and very on the ball. I'm thinking maybe like a cross between the Van Pelt and Jawbox, but there's something else here that I can't quite put my finger on. Maybe the way Guy has been singing on the last few Fugazi records, with a controlled, snotty yowl spliced with a fragile croon. All very nice indeed, and makes me jerk my head in a strange manner when listening to it. I guess this can only be a good thing.

All in all this gets two thumbs up from me, and that's on a grumpy day. Hurrah.

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