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For The Kids - By The Kids

Year Released: 2004
Format: CD
Label: geekscene - Per Koro
Reviewed by Chris Bress on Jun 13, 2007
Dude! Well after a week of trying to fix my cd player after the lense fucked it I gave up and started using my DVD playerÖand what a first cd to try out. People very rarely give a shit about a band like Zann, itís a shame but itís also a fact, not many people want to hear a band from Europe (gone are the days when you could get a Boy Sets Fire fan to check out Systral!) who play nuts metal hardcore, all they want is Converge or whatever. In fact when I put this bands on with Iceburn about 9 people turned up, I wasnít surprised but it was a shame as they were brutal (I just wished they hadnít got naked though). This cd is basically just what they were like live, totally brutal metallic hardcore. At times their brutality level is up there with classic Mayhem and Dissection but they are not a metal band. As is typical with the German hardcore groups I am familiar with (Acme, Systral, Morser et al...) Zann like their metal (Slayer) as well as their hardcore (Rorschach). Zann however have a lot more in common with Rorschach than Slayer, the recording isnít pristinely clean and they donít have solos or shouted vocals, luckily they are screamed in true black metal (or Orchid style) screams. Geek Scene who put this out may have taken a risk with releasing this but fuck it, itís a good cd and they are a good band. Check out www.geekscene.co.uk and pick one up.

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