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Blocko - Minority Blues Band


Year Released: 2004
Format: 7"
Label: Snuffy Smile
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
I've been listening to that UK melodic hardcore sound a lot more lately, picking up the Broccoli LP on vinyl like I should have done in the first place and listening to Hooton 3 Car properly for the first time. I am not really sure why. I'm really enjoying it though, and it's a shame that these records get about this much:


shrift these days from most of the newer kids on the block, who'd rather fall over and cry and emulate our American cousins. And that's fair do's, I love that kind of thing as much as the next guy (Oh wait, the next guy is Andrew Lloyd Webber), but it's always nice to get down and dirty (oo-er) with your British roots. Blocko feed that specific need of mine at the moment too, with 2 excellent tracks on this split 7" that comes our way courtesy of Snuffy Smile from Japan (who I am also rediscovering). Blocko come with a well worn rep of emulating Broccoli, and that is borne out on their songs, blending excellent sung vocals with powerful guitars and strong drumming, even having a vague emo edge to their rocking. Damn fine. They also have bits like Leatherface. Can't complain, this is a very decent effort, I ought to go out and buy more of their vinyl (of which there is plenty, thank god).

I had never heard Minority Blues Band before, and they rush 2 blistering melodic hc rockers out the door in the tradition of previously fine Japanese bands like Blew, Long Ball To No-One and their ilk. Rough vocals and all fast instrumentation and energy. Good stuff! I love on the first song when the bass and drums are careering off they throw in this intricate guitar solo and the guy comes back and yells again. Tops! No relent from these dudes, they are well impressive. The third track is acoustic, and nothing special.

So yeah, maybe some more UK bands will revive this sound - there's a good incentive to do it at least, because if you're even remotely good at it you guarantee yourself a tour of Japan. Fuckin' A!

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