A horrible hack

Her Flyaway Manner


Year Released: 2000
Format: CD
Label: Caulfield
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Dammit, I took a spill today in my room and sprawled all over a chair which my remote was sitting on. The remote went flying off, and I thought nothing more of it. I recovered the thing later, sans a battery. What the fuck? I’ve searched high and low and the battery is nowhere to be found. This sucks. I can’t do that neat function on my stereo where I look to see how much of the record is left to play. Because I think HFM’s album is about 37 minutes or so, but I wanted to check. Can’t be giving out false facts. So now, 2:19 seconds into opening track “Thunder Rattles”, which noodles on in with a lot of bass and a subtle almost jazzy mood that recalls Hoover, I am having to fumble around with this opening paragraph that isn’t really heading anywhere.

Where HFM really score is the excellent vocal work. Brendan McGinn has a hugely distinctive voice that rolls nicely between emphatically spoken, sung and strained screamy parts. Meanwhile their post-hardcore DC rock oozes out of the speakers an into your abode. If Bluetip had good songs on their last album, and they added an early Boys Life influence, then they would have actually put out a decent album instead of that lame waste of plastic I spent £7 on the other week. Other tracks featuring here, such as “Plain Jane”, introduce a Van Pelt flavour, with superb the talky vocals adding a whole extra layer of texture to their music.

So what you have is a rather finely rounded album of DC influenced rock music that never quite reaches genius levels, but certainly never falls below the ‘decent’ line either, and I’ve actually found myself listening to this rather regularly. Maybe you’ll like this one.

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