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Former Members of Alfonsin - Sawpit


Year Released: 2001
Format: 7"
Label: Dim Mak
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
If you never realised, Former Members of Alfonsins were one of the best melodic hardcore bands of the late 90's, at least in my ears they were. Their side of the split 12" with Project Hate is a fantastic bunch of blistering melodies and personal politics, that combined together to make a damn fine collection of tunes. Their musical style is what helped them stand out the most, a rather unusual mix of Kid Dynamite and traditional hardcore, a long with the explosive energy and vocal style of the some of the faster mid 90s emo stuff, like the best bits of Amber Inn. And it worked so well. There are two songs here, opening up on "Screaming For Change", which follows a pretty straight-forward path, alternating between screamed girl and yelped boy vocals. Everything is tightly controlled, and crazily catchy - brilliance. "Where Do I Paint This Bull's-Eye" follows on, with lots of words about being employed by companies who's practices you don't agree with, and doing something about it. Again, it flies a long and gets head bobbing. A blast. Can't wait for the split 12" with Bread and Circuits. Fuck yes.

Sawpit are on side B, and I've never heard of these guys. They are Japanese, and playing a style that sounds nothing like other Japanese bands that I familiar with. "Shelter From The Storm" fits in well with the FMoA side, pacey melodic hardcore with hoarse, yelled vocals. It's a vaguely chaotic style, and it reminds me very much of stuff like Cornelius, but without the slow parts. "Studless" is their other song, and it takes a while to get going. It's not really as good as the other song, but has it's moments. Alternates between bassy verses with spoken vocals, and the much cooler, shouty punk rock bounce of the chorus.

This continues Dim Mak's tradition of not releasing much shit (well, except for something by Cross My Heart). This is an excellent split 7", and well worth hunting down.

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