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Raein - Funeral Diner


Year Released: 2004
Format: 7"
Label: red cars go faster
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Raein and Funeral Diner on one record, cripes. Folks into the screamy emo are being spoiled here. Raein continue their recent run of singles with two tracks that are highly impressive. "This Life My Cage" lights the blue touch paper but nobody retreats - at least until the momentary breakdown. The formula is repeated from various bands past endeavours, it's not entirely different from the other band on this record for example - a mix of French emo and Portraits of Past. The vocals are harsh but not prominent, the guitars are relentless and often fast, dragging along a trace of melody as it goes. It basically sounds like a bit mess of chaos, yet one that you can pick everything out of and appreciate. It's also raw and nergetic, giving some hint as to what they must be like live.

Funeral Diner continue to be one of the more prolific bands in this style, and also one of the best. I love the slow burning intro which twinkles into earshot with sung vocals, the rolling groove recalls Sleepytime Trio and when Lovitt used to put out good records. It gently sways, using repetition and the superb spoken vocals to wonderful effect, before it suddenly explodes into the melodic bombast that the band has been dealing out for some time. No surprise when everything drops out and the screamer sobs over a quiet bit for some time, but I am not complaining, because it's emo to the max. Ferociously gorgeous, this epic, entire side long track stands with their best songs yet.

Good as fuck split.

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