A horrible hack

Vague Angels


Year Released: 2004
Format: 7"
Label: pretty activity
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
OMG! Chris Leo on a new record shock. How long since the last Lapse lp? Although we were spared an apparently shocking third album (there were some MP3s knocking around on soulseek that may or may not have been going under this monicker), it feels as if we've been deprived of Leo talking on vinyl for way too long. This 7" almost seems like a split (which it is in a kind of oddball way according to the insert, I can't be bothered to explain here), but is a super return after such a long absence, and it is delectable. On the first song the guitars chime with that familiar Leo sound, the words are spoken, the music is cranked out and I am left desiring a whole lot more than 2 meagre songs, no fair. This is prime material that to me seems most comparable to the era of the first Lapse LP, dispensing with some of the experimentation of "Heaven Ain't Happenin'" for repetitious grooves and oh those damn guitars. On the b-side, Leo disappears and a girl sings in a very high pitched manner, whilst the complex guitars mingle and ring. Good stuff, pretty different to the other side indeed! Kind of like if Ida were a bit goofy.

An excellent 7", one of the best of the year.

PS Leo has a pretty funny voice on 33rpm.

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