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Kasabuta - Swing Piano Trio


Year Released: 2005
Format: CDR
Label: self released
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Currently I have 25 copies of this cdr in my house. Which is kind of nuts. As these are just two highly obscure Japanese bands paired together on one CDR. So I will be passing out the 24 copies which don't belong to me as freebies in distro orders, I hope other people will enjoy it.

Kasabuta are the first band on here, and they play two songs. Two long songs. The recording is very, very basic, but it is endearing, giving it the feeling of a long lost emo recording from the distant past. Their first track is meandering and (I think) instrumental, it wanders around with pulsing guitars and has a hypnotic feel about it. After about 5 minutes it does feel like it is dragging a bit, but then it gets a little more excitable and noisy and carries on for another 3 minutes before ending quite suddenly, I think someone had some problems with the tape recorder. After that we get a song that has vocals I think. They are very distant. I like this track more than the 1st one because of the presence of the barely audible vocals, it grooves around in a typically emo fashion, with lots of sobbing and falling on the floor going on at the location this was recorded I am sure. Overall Kasabuta have quite an interesting thing going on, but the recording really gets in the way of what could be some very exciting music that seems to be in the ballpark of stuff like Republic of Freedom Fighters. I hope they go on to do a record at some point so that these songs can be appreciated properly.

The other band on this CDR is Swing Piano Trio who play, um, free jazz. At first I figured they were going to be a Swing Kids tribute band (what with the name), as they sauntered into earshot with random piano playing and some double bass or something. But all their tracks were like this. I am at a loss, I can't review free jazz. I have an Ornette Coleman 12" somewhere but I can't really make it past the second track.

Overall - interesting split. You'll probably end up with a copy of it if you ever place an order from my distro. Yeah!!

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