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Sick Terror - Cathode


Year Released: 2005
Format: 7"
Label: Trujaca Fala
Reviewed by Joe Caithness on Jun 13, 2007
I love split 7"s like this. Both bands play hardcore punk, really blatantly, they dont make any bones about it, but they still have a total interesting sound. Whether its just a mix of other bands sounds or whatever is irrelavant. This record is punk and it's interesting, proves bands can still play straight up and violent music and it doesn't have to sound like Minor Threat (not a bad thing of course!)

Sick Terror play brutal as fuck Brazillian old school thrash, its got the awesome spikey ripper riffage of other South American hc punk bands but its mixed with the brutality of early UK stuff (see the Heresy cover!). Definitely worth checking out if you love fast stuff. Fans of Dropdead, Los Crudos and Heresy need to check this band out if you haven't already.

Cathode on the other hand play quite a popular spin on hardcore at the moment. The whole "neo crust" vibe here, man I hate the word Neo... just the two tunes here as opposed to Sick Terrors five. This really heavy and bassy, which makes a great contrast to the piercing trebly sound of ST. This has a lovely early/mid 90s sound to it like the first HHIG lp or some Rorschach, there is some totally metallic stuff going down here, but dont expect none of this modern metalcore wank! some great stolen His Hero Is Gone melodic parts a bit further in as well!

Really great split! shame I can't work out which label it's on...

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