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The Suicide File

Some Mistakes You Never Stop Paying For

Year Released: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Indecision
Reviewed by Damien Mills on Jun 13, 2007

So here we have the final release from the mighty Suicide File. I hadn't really listened to these guys for ages before I got this which is a shame as their lp is definatly one of the more interesting examples of modern Boston Hardcore, rocking a more obnoxious snotty punk influenced sound rather than the post AN 'poor me' schtick that's still going around.

This cd is bassically a compilation of all their non lp releases, consisting of songs from a couple of ep's, a couple of splits and their demo and its probably some of their best stuff. I always found a lot of the lp pretty hard to listen to at times where as most of this stuff is pretty easy to digest. Also, despite it being a compilation it still all fits together remarkably well, but then again I guess they weren't around long enough to develop many deviations in their sound...

As ever this stuff also didn't disappoint lyrically, so many band's lyrics these days are so trite and lacking in any kind of edge or bottle. Suicide File however was always brilliantly pissed off and brilliantly worded, 'I hate you' for example is perfectly to the point without ever ending up sounding knuckleheaded or whatever. Sweet.

This band has been gone less than a year and they already have reunion shows planned which kind of sucks and sort of takes the shine off a bit, but the music in it's own right will always be worth hearing...

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