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Spylacopa - Souvenir's Young America


Year Released: 2006
Format: 7"
Label: UndeRadar
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Nov 7, 2006
Opened a package from Andy whilst under the influence of a vision-altering migraine and somehow thought this was a Sourvein release. Totally, totally wrong. SYA play portentous, synth-powered instru-rock that comes across like an electronic Pelican. It could, almost, be described as "ominous" or "majestic" but for its being well and truly neutered by the sheer lack of volume to be had. I mean, I'm twisting the dial off the fucking scale here and all I get is the same whimpering timidity. Frustrating. Spylacopa make very little sense to me as a musical proposition. the Duke begins with some mellow, ambient noodling a la Tortoise or Boards of Canada before wibbling off into a clammy-handed backwards guitar noodle that'd be better placed soundtracking some soft-focus porn scene wherein a man with ill-advised facial hair sloppily licks a pair of 70s nipples. After this minor horror things revert back to the bland normalcy of the previous Warpish sounds before evaporating politely away, leaving me to scratch my head and wonder just who the hell I could possible recommend something like this to.

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