A horrible hack



Year Released: 2006
Format: 2xCD
Label: Chimeres - Ninja Tuning - Solitude - Throne
Reviewed by Unknown on Jun 13, 2007
Two discs, three songs, nearly 90 minutes of crushing doom. Sick. Sounds perfect doesn't it?

Alas, it doesn't to the holy puritans of the tro kvlt as the knives are out for Monarch already! Perhaps it's because they are not American or Scandinavian (they are French!) Perhaps it's because they are not on Southern Lord or an affiliated label. (this is a split release between various DIY people), perhaps it's because they are not a troo kvlt ov old skool satanists, (some of them are hardcore kids) perhaps because they don't have pictures of burnt churches or un-readable logos (they have ludicrously cute cartoon art). Whatever the reason is, it exists in the warped little minds of brats on the internet who want to keep doom elite and they use words like grimm, kvlt and hails in a serious manner so I guess you shouldn't feel bad ignoring them.

Now, we have discredited the haters, it's time to tackle the subject matter at hand. Apparently the singer for Monarch is female, which is all very well and good but aside from the quiet whispers at the start you would never have guessed that. The vocals are totally depraved and desperate, whilst obviously lacking in clarity (only a glance at the lyrics sheet would let you know she is singing in english and not her native tongue) they certainly make up for it in terms of rage and anger. Musically it's kept at a controlled pace but the power in it lies in the fact that you expect it to break out any moment in some ridiculous blasts, though it never does, the restraint works very well and gives the songs a really good groove and keeps a tense feel right the way through... Un-easy listening as it should be. One last thing on the music, the use of the feedback and noise to close tracks is a nice variation, especially at the end of the third track, it's a lush way to end the album.

Its blindingly obvious that I know fuck all about the genre of doom, so whilst those who do know are pissing, moaning and squabbling about the credentials of the band; kids who are into the darker side of hardcore (noothgrush, the body, dystopia etc) will definitely enjoy this on the musical merits just like any fan of the newer doom kiddies like me who love Thorr's hammer and Burning Witch.

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