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Being And Becoming

Year Released: 2006
Format: CD
Label: Lawgiver Records
Reviewed by Joe T on Jun 13, 2007
If it's true these 4 chaps turned down Earache then I'd be interested to know what their 'profile' would be like now had they said yes. Would they be doing an inappropriate tour with (the admittedly splendid, but inappropriate none the less) Municipal Waste? Would they be confusing all and sundry at some Download type metal fest? I just wonder about all this purely because this album is ludicrously vast, it's taken me about 6 months to learn it, like some failed scholar I know the words but haven't a clue what it's about really. Maybe I'm underestimating the patience of the typical Kerrang reader, but I'm not sure they'd give this chap 6 months to grow on them.

It's, and I could be wrong here, a total ode to their home city of Glasgow. The Glasgow that breaks your head open with wooden planks at 3am and the Glasgow that has ceilings in it's awesome dwellings that reach the sky.

The metal crushes, the mellow strokes.

Technically they can play like motherfuckers, they have that blastbeat meets feeling vibe that some bands can't quite muster. To go from kissing your face to the aformentioned plank attack with such grace is something many try and many fail.

Don't get me wrong though, this isn't just some loud/quiet/loud bore, yes, they have the dreaded dynamics that are popular with student tryers but by jimminy, when the metal attacks it kills.

Go get it.

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