A horrible hack

State Run


Year Released: 2006
Format: 7"
Label: Rat Patrol
Reviewed by Joe Caithness on Oct 28, 2007
These young chaps from Wales really know how to get my blood boiling. Rat Patrol carry on their surge of releases with lovely little ep. State Run are a bunch of chaps playing punk rock the only way you should, passionate, aggressive, just melodic enough to get you into it, just enough power to make you wanna slam your fists on your table in rage. They mix up the spirit of all those mid 80s bands from DC under the flag "revolution summer", with modern upbeat melodic hardcore and a hint of their anarcho punk roots. Also nice to see a young band going all the way with the entire ideology aspect of punk, the lyrics are angsty yet hopeful, and spunky enough to make you think they actually give a shit. I really hope these dudes stick together and do something longer soon, a 12" ep would be perfect, hopefully now one of them can drive they can play outside Wales!

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