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People Like People Like You

Year Released: 2008
Format: CD
Label: EveryoneLabel
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Feb 5, 2008
Spokes don't really do anything out of the ordinary on this CD, and I am hardly the worlds biggest proponent of the post rock genre, but I rather like this 6 tracker. They don't get overly fancy and epic, they don't indulge in pretentious samples, they don't really worship Godspeed or Explosions in the Ikea too much, and they even drop in some much appreciated vocals for brief moments. I'd like this CD even more if they sung all the time, as the vocals are really good, unintrusive in the mix, yet sung with passion and gusto like Boilermaker or Boys Life on "Young People! All Together", less so on the more drifty "Precursor". "Scatter: I Miss You" twinkles into earshot in a very American Football manner. They drop in violin for variation amidst the heftier sonics, building up and blasting the guitars out in the typical shoegaze / post rock fashion. There is a little electronic instrumentation in a few places on the CD too. Some of the tracks fall back on the old reliable epic, approach. In particular we have the 10 minutes of "Sometimes Words Are Too Slow", which seriously outstays it's welcome. That's the only real black mark I can come up with mind you.

I think if you enjoy post rock bands such as Building the State, you will definitely enjoy this too.

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