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Sinaloa - Daniel Striped Tiger


Year Released: 2008
Format: 7"
Label: Narshardaa - clean plate
Reviewed by Kjetil Holstad on Mar 27, 2008
Two bands currently on tour together in Europe share this piece of wax and none of them should be strangers to the average Collective reader. Daniel Striped Tiger, who always has been a little hit or miss in my case, gives us two songs where the first one does not do it for me. The band has in some ways always reminded me of Stop It!!, but this song has too much going on and hardly gets interesting at all. Miss. The second one, 'untying knots', however is a winner. More dynamic and the song overall floats better and is a real groover at times. Hit!

On the flip-side, Sinaloa presents a song called ‘cause and effect’. As always with Sinaloa, the lyrics gets explained as well, leaving nothing to the imagination. Works for me. The song itself might not be their best effort, but then again, an average Sinaloa song is way better than most released now days any way. The vinyl comes wrapped in gorgeous artwork by Myles Karr and makes the whole end result worth getting if you are into any of these bands. Those who want to check out the bands for the first times would be better off getting both bands recent full-lengths.
Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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