A horrible hack

Ox Scapula


Year Released: 2008
Format: 7"
Label: We Like Danger
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Nov 3, 2008
Here's a debut seven from a UK band, I've seen the name around but I don't really know much about them. Time to rectify that. Both songs on here are mathy, grooving post-hardcore. It has a massive Hoover vibe to things, and the band also broods in a threatening Slint like manner, because you know that things are going to wake up and crash around once more after the pause for breath. The vocals are super - shouted and desperate, whilst the guitars punch away repetetively but not in a bad way. The bass shores things up and they get a moody twinkle going as well a couple of times, which is ace. I am thinking that this would have been on Gringo if it had come out in the late 90s.

Apparently they have a 7" split with Wooderson due out and are playing a few shows, so keep an eye out for that if you like it mathy as the two bands go well together.

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