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Society of Imaginary Friends

the Moors

Year Released: 2008
Format: CD
Label: Soifmusic
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Dec 4, 2008
Chalk up my dismally narrow musical tastes as the reason why I can't review this properly. Then again, I wasn't sure who else to send it to, so I bit the bullet and did it myself. This EP is 3 songs of intriguing, ethereal music. Opening with "The Moors", the vocals are extremely distinct and strong, verging on the operatic, whilst swirling atmospherics build behind. The instrumentation is mostly electronic, although they also pitch in with string instrumentation and other sounds. It's very much music that would be suited to a soundtrack. The second track brings in piano and continues in the same vein. It is all very orchestral and impressive, I just have no points of reference and don't really know what to say! We have an oddball here, far removed from my frames of reference and perhaps not really the kind of thing that many readers of this site will be looking for either, but I have no critical words to say, except for the perplexing 3rd track with the absolutely bizarre male vocals about a crashed computer. I enjoyed giving "the Moors" a listen. It's snowing outside, and the music is perfectly suited.

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