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Year Released: 2008
Format: LP
Label: Parts Unknown
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Feb 20, 2009
When it comes to buying records in the 21st century, I am generally of the opinion that you can acquire anything on Parts Unknown or Criminal IQ and be quite pleased with the outcome. I am not sure how many people are of the same mind, or even give a shit, but these two labels seem to have a similar approach and put out exactly the kind of rock music that I am inclined to sling on the record player.

I know fuck all about Sisters, but this is a bloody good record. They deal in distorted, lo-fi indie rock of the kind that gets me all hot and bothered. The opening track is a mish-mash of buried vocals, incessant drummings and Moss Icon-esque guitars. It's a shambling, rambling, muddy mess and that's a perfect summary for the LP. It sounds like a bunch of non-shit giving dudes who recorded their demo straight to tape in their basement and some stupid label decided to release it because they fucking love bands that sound like this and don't care quite how it came to fruition, which is how I wish more music of this variety was birthed. It's the innocent, misguided guitar prangings of folk who probably like a bit of Unwound and Lync, and don't give a shite that in 2009, nobody in their right minds is remotely interested in a band that sounds like that except me and Parts Unknown.

This LP has it's shit down, there are key moments such as they killer "Blue" which blazes into earshot before keeling over into a Dinosaur Jr melody and fuzzy emo progression... this band is the beating heart of what indie rock should sound the fuck like. Dude, if you are hopelessly out of step with what ever the heck you are supposed to be into these days, then you should be listening to this band, because this album is a bit good and a half.
Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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