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Antilles - Trifle Tower


Year Released: 2008
Format: 7"
Label: Murkhouse
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on May 10, 2009
A song apiece from two US screamo bands on this 7''. My knowledge of active US bands that play this kind of stuff is severely limited. There used to be loads right but either few people care anymore or I'm just not finding out about them. The music blogs and message boards of the web make me think it's the former reason sadly.

Trifle Tower kick off the split, nice passionate screamo that starts off quietly but really gets going halfway through and then again at the end. Great intensity at these points and the drumming sounds awesome. The label Murkhouse who put the 7'' out describe it as having layered melodies and strong dynamics, which is a better description than I can manage. The song is about the struggle of street kids in Brazil and contains web links to find out more information. Really solid song overall.

Antilles play on the other side, starting off playing the standard sound then entering a prolonged period of melody and desperate shouting. In fact this continues to the end. I really like this, it's not over the top but is emotional, there's a vocal harmony in the background too which works well. The song is about failed relationships which the band accept is a common subject matter in emo. They write some really sensible words about the matter in their linder notes too.

Overall, I like this split.

10th May 2009

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