A horrible hack

Secondhand Serenade

Fall For You

Year Released: 2009
Format: CD
Label: Glassnote
Reviewed by Thomas Strawbridge on Jul 1, 2009
this is a one track promotional cd. there is some dude on the cover who i donít want to be friends with. there is a piano, and a voice. i donít like it. the slip informs me this was produced by someone who produced all american rejects and iím not surprised. it also tells me how many myspace plays the guy has had and a few other stats of the Ďstory so far in the USAí. some extra keyboards kick in with some poor sounding drums. are they programmed? are they even produced? who cares. the voice is still annoying. some rocking guitars bust out in time for the chorus. they sound flat and boring. there is a hint of pitchshifting in the vocal, but the guy seems capable of hitting most of the rest of the notes so who knows. this guy is in love and hasnít made his move yet, but tonight is THE NIGHT. tonight is YOUR NIGHT. maybe if you just wait, heíll show this anonymous, androgynous you a good time. i am not having a good time. some of the other bits repeat and it finishes. this is rubbish. it is currently keeping two yoghurt pot lids, some crumbs, and a tissue company in my bin until i cover it with more rubbish and put the bin out.

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