A horrible hack

Solid Pony

Life's Gonna Eat Us

Year Released: 2005
Format: CD
Label: bakery outlet
Reviewed by David Giles on Dec 9, 2009
The very start of the first song made me think of some of the ‘college rock’ bands kicking around in the mid 90s. Off to a good start! Unfortunately, that sound doesn’t really last much longer than the first few bars and very little throughout the CD recalls it. The instrumentation is generally nice, understated and well-fitting, save for on ‘Trica’ and ‘Them Dirty Bears’. The main criticism I have to make is that the lyrics are pretty bad (“does it offend you to know that I’d like to take you home with me for some harmony?”) and, in something as vocal-driven as this, its pretty hard to get past that. Maybe it is easier to ignore here than usual as I’ve already got through this CD a good few times without too much trouble. What is inexcusable, however, is the ‘hidden’ track about letting your “wee-wee flop around”. Embarrassing. I think that they should think carefully about what they’re doing before they record more. There are the makings of an excellent album here but its just not put together well enough.

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