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Sleeping In Gethsemane


Year Released: 2009
Format: CD
Label: Init
Reviewed by Gareth L on Dec 28, 2009
Well, my initial reaction to this CD was ugh, another heavy post rock band to add to the already bloated genre but despite that I actually enjoyed most of this record; the crushing rockout of 'Applauding Arrival of the End' and the opening of excellently-named 'Chokecherries' especially. By no means is this original stuff, and you kind of know where the loud parts are going (although bonus points for including shouty vocals in the first track which really adds to the sound). Essentially they sound like a heavier Explosions In The Sky, or Isis with less vocals, that kind of thing. Unfortunately the quieter parts of the songs are the weakest link, and sound a bit like they are meandering about around a bit anxiously waiting to get to the part where they press the distortion pedal and belt out some end of the world rock. This may be me superimposing my own impatience and desire to hear some heavy fuggin' metal but Sleeping In Gethsemane have some fantastic riffs, riffs that I will be humming to myself tonight for sure after listening to the album twice in a row just now. As you may have guessed, it's worth listening to if you like good riffs, you just may have to use the fast-forward button a couple of times.

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