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Trifle Tower - Killeur Calculateur


Year Released: 2008
Format: 7"
Label: Communique
Reviewed by Danny Parsons on Mar 22, 2010
Now, this isn't a bad split at all. Trifle Tower (always gives me the chuckles!) do some really loud screamo, which, although treading old ground, is quite refreshing and darn messy to boot. They have two songs and they're both pretty solid. About a year or two ago I had completely written off Killeur Calculateur after hearing something I didn't like by them (god knows what), so either they got really good or my taste in music changed somewhat. Either way, Killeur Calculateur do this angular, screamy post-punk off minor, my disco sort of stuff and the first track on their side is blinding. The second song, not so much; it's essentially a build up to nothing for 4 minutes. The first track more than makes up for it though! Oh, the colour of the vinyl reminds me of the Sealife Centre which has to be good, right?

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