A horrible hack



Year Released: 2009
Format: CD
Label: Monotone Tapes
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Apr 5, 2010
This was a nice little home made obscurity to receive in the mail. Snowstorm is a chap name Kevin Huelbig Jr, and he is making down to earth indie / pop. The songs are short, simple and sweet, with an acoustic focus. Sometimes the songs are a little fuzzier, opener "Susan" is a warm muddle that means I am able to do what I do in approximately 50% of my reviews, which is to compare something to Fred Thomas. Other tracks are a touch poppier with a folksy flavour. It seems to have the earnest poppiness of something like American Football without leaning on the twiddly nature of that band. Kevin cites Guided By Voices as one of his key influences on this recording, and although I am not overly familiar with GBV, I think that kind of works too. This ten track collection only has one song that stretches past the 3 minute mark, and the whole lot draws to a close in 20 minutes, which is pretty much spot on for a project such as this. I've enjoyed listening to it - good work sir!

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