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Sofy Major - One Second Riot


Year Released: 2007
Format: 10"
Label: IRAE
Reviewed by Alex Deller on May 10, 2010
This is the second of three releases Sofy Major had the good grace to send us for review and as such it's getting plonked up here despite being a good few years out of date. The tracks here sound like something of a chrysalis-weaving period, the band still demonstrating some of the twiddly 'New Set Of Lungs' fidgets and octave-driven Kaospilot squawks of their earlier days but nonetheless well on their way to the roiling noise-rock huff n' grunt of recent times. While it might lack some of the progressive, experimental edge displayed on that last 12" there's certainly nothing to quibble with here, and these three numbers represent another nice addition to the Sofy Major armoury. Over on the other side, One Second Riot come up trumps with an interesting racket that might just pip their buddies to the post in the rockin' stakes. The band comprises just two fellas playing stringy, sample-strewn drum vs bass stuff that's along the lines of a calmer Anton Bordman or any number of old post-Shotmaker Spectra Sonic Sound bands. The vocals are desperate and dislocated, the bass pushes each of the three tracks insistently along and things occasionally tie themselves up in big, tangled knots of disc-slipping goodness that contain far more depth than their limited set-up should really allow for. Very nice indeed!
Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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