A horrible hack

Sweater Girls


Year Released: 2010
Format: 7"
Label: Happy Happy Birthday To Me
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jul 1, 2010
With a name like this, you're not going to get long odds on the band playing something other than indie pop are you? Especially as this is on Happy Happy Birthday To Me, who put out that quality Sourpatch LP not too long ago. This seven opens up with "Do The Sweater", which bounces along quite jollily, with a little bit of a punky edge to it to keep the interest. The vocal range is kept to a minimum, like a female Jarvis Cocker or something. Which was odd. That song is ok. There are better songs on here. Such as "Fingers Crossed" which sounds like Tiger Trap, Gaze, and any number of other lovely 90s indie pop bands. Again it's simple and straight forward. Best song is the b-side filling "Haven't Got A Clue", which strums into earshot, all jangling and right up my street. The vocals on this one are total Gaze, all melancholy and generating that emo feel which Gaze managed to wedge into some of their songs. This is a cracker, stealing the show for sure. I've just noticed the recording on every song has a fairly hefty layer of hiss, if that's a good or a bad thing for you. I like it. Also I like that the record looks like something straight out of the 90s. Screened brown cardboard! Oh my.

Do you knit cardigans? Do you have a cat called Melberg? Are you James Bunten? I think you'll enjoy this. I did.

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