A horrible hack


Mild Peril

Year Released: 2010
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Sep 1, 2010
This was a nice surprise, a UK band who were new to me playing an enjoyable mix of twiddly indie, and laid back emo. Straight away on the first track I was reaching for comparisons like the Van Pelt and Life Without Buildings. Now, there's a good first impression to be given, rest assured. The music is mostly downbeat and goes well with the miserable rainy evenings we've been handed lately. There's five tracks on here, and they tend to stick with the chiming, occasionally math guitars and mostly spoken vocals. The vocals are not quite as loopy as Life Without Buildings but I'd be quite surprised if there was no influence. Quite surprised indeed. Probably a fairer comparison on the band would be Reiziger but this is really intriguing and it's nice to hear a band on these shores toying with this style of music. This serves as a quality demo and an indication of further fine output to come.

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