A horrible hack


External Habitation

Year Released: 2010
Format: Tape
Label: Financial Ruin
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Feb 28, 2011
When the longest track is a Napalm Death cover you know you're in for a whistlestop tour of whatever a band have to offer, and in the case of Cellgraft that'd be unrelenting, no-frills grind reminiscent of getting a soft body part caught in the jaws of some archaic industrial machinery. It is, frankly, fucking ridiculous, and while the guitars sound waterlogged, both sets of vocals are similarly indecipherable and whoever's perched atop the drum stool seems to be playing the same blurred, eye-jabbing pattern on a hollow metal tube for each of the 13 songs it still, somehow, manages to be quite bit of a blast with it.

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