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Stick Around

Where We Ran

Year Released: 2011
Format: CD
Label: Carry No Records
Reviewed by Samuel Fowler on Mar 21, 2011
This lot have a song called "Blueberry Pancakes" How awesome is that! to answer you, it is extraordinarily awesome. There is another song later on called "Bisto Gravy". Thats an okay name, but not quite as good. Thankfully this is rescued by the song called "Belgum Sideburn". It is almost tempting to do a review of the song titles instead of the record. Almost.

Following in the rapid and stratospheric rise of Title Fight /Man Overboard/ Erection Kids in times of recent, an entire genre of bands rewinding the clock to Dude Ranch era Blink 182, right down to the MTVmo sound seems to have burst into life from nowhere. Against my very considerable better judgement I can't help but love the cream of this crop (i.e. not Transit).

Stick Around aren't anything new whasoever (they REALLY sound exactly halfwhere between Blink 182 and New Found Glory) but bear that squarely in mind, taking them for what they are this EP is a blast. The enthusiasm here is outrageously infectious, and I can't help being taken in. I suspect the blithe youthful optimism of Stick Around is at play here, if this was a band of older dudes, it completely wouldn't work.

This stuck a smile on my face, and thats what music should do, right? So it wins, derivativeness be damned. I'd definately go and see them live, and they'd almost certainly be a ridiculous amount of fun.

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